My Semi 2-Day Detox...

Fruit Smoothie
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So after falling flat on my face after Memorial Day…I was starting fell bloated, sleepy with headaches and stomach aches, and dear I add poor bowel management. I really could not take the trip if I was paid and I was majorly clogged. So these were all the classic warning signs that I tell people about all the time.

TIME TO DETOX! I did feel like going for a colon cleanse even though I am overdue so I opted for a 1 day fast followed with 2 days of fruit and veggies.

Saturday went great. I focused on schoolwork, yard-work and even played some ball while drinking a gallon of water throughout the day. Later I went home and had some tea. I survived until midnight (26 hrs after my last meal) until after the game where I had a small salad with a couple of oz. of chicken breast. Not bad and I felt better but that wasn’t part of the plan. Either way I woke up today, had my tea with lemon, several hours later had some veggies and egg whites. I just had a green smoothie with berries, bananas, protein, touch of 100% cranberry juice, aloe and mean greens.  Whoa! The thing about detoxing is this smoothie is sweet as hell.  I’ve had it before but not like this…

Anyway I’m not where I want to be but my last bathroom trip felt like heaven. I’ve done a 5 and 7 day detox so this was just a chance to give my body a break. I will continue to do fruit and veggies and sneak in some protein via egg whites and tuna but I just want to take it easy this week. No..I’m not one with Buddha nor do I have found the light but I am going to the bathroom…thank God…

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  • June 7, 2009 3:35 amPosted 4 years ago
    Brown Runner

    I've been interested in fasting/detox…I'm concerned about a decreased energy level/headaches while doing it. What are your experiences?

    • June 11, 2009 12:16 amPosted 4 years ago

      brown runner sorry i took so long to get back at you…i will say this ive done a 2 day…5 day and 7 day…its a test for sure …but i find that the body and mind becomes stronger and your body also seems to be able to adjust and become more efficent in my opinion. depending on your lifestyle i would do it on a friday and take it easy that weekend….if youre a clubber then i would start on a monday…but my mondays are so hard i need all the energy i can get….


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