50 Simple Fitness Tests to See Where You Stack Up


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Some people enjoy exercising. Some people don’t. But everyone needs a little activity in life. Start a new exercise and nutrition plan with the help of these 50 simple fitness tests and calculators to assess your health’s current state. Always consult your doctor when you begin any new fitness or diet regimen to make sure it’s right for you and your body.

Strength Fitness Tests

1. The Crunch Test – Another great test needing only a watch, this crunch test lets you measure your abdominal strength and endurance.
2. The Push-up Test – With just a watch, you can measure you strength and endurance with this simple push-up test.
3. Assess Your Muscular Strength – This simple site lets you use how many push-ups you can do in 2 minutes to determine your muscular strength.
4. The 5 Second Muscle Test – “Use this simple test to spot your weaknesses and help you increase the amount of weight you can hoist.”
5. Muscle and Strength Toolbox – Whether you’re trying to lose weight or chisel muscles, this site has the tools, guides, and wisdom you need.
6. Lift for Life.com – For bodybuilders only, this site helps with the nutritional and physical aspects of shaping yourself into all you can be.
7. Test Your Flexibility – This site provides a 2-for-1: it helps ease you into the stretching game, and lets you use stretching as a way to determine just how flexible you really are.
8. Assess Your Balance – With just two feet and a stopwatch, you’ve got all the tools you need for this site to assess how balanced you are.

Metabolic Fitness Tests

9. The 3-minute Step Test – This is a fun, quick way to measure your cardiovascular fitness level with a simple step technique.
10. Weight Loss: Measure Your Metabolism – This site helps you determine your metabolism, which helps you measure your necessary caloric intake.
11. The Famous Running and Fitness Calculator Page! – For runners only, this site helps you determine your pace, predict race results, and compare your results with those of different genders and ages.
12. Pace Calculator – This sleek site helps you determine your running pace, which just might get you ahead in the next race.

Health and Fitness Screenings and Calculators

13. Fitness Tools & Calculators – These great tools include heart rate info, body fat and BMI calculators, and even nutritional analyses.
14. Interactive Tool: What Is Your Target Heart Rate? – Using just your age and your average heartbeat, this site helps you determine what your heart rate should be.
15. My Apex Fitness Tools – A few neat fitness tools to gauge your metabolic rate, body mass index and daily caloric needs all for free.
16. Heart Rate Recovery Quiz – With this interactive quiz, you can determine what shape your ticker is in.
17. Cool Tools and Calculators – This site has all sorts of awesome info, from fast food calorie-counters to healthy snack checkers and everything in-between.
18. Fitness Tools – This slick site helps determine your current fitness level, evaluates your nutritional intake, and determine a fitness program that’s right for you.
19. Healthy Living and Fitness Tools – This site helps determine your heart condition, stroke risk, BMI, and much more.
20. Bodybuilding.com Fitness Calculators – Work on your nutrition, cardio, and sports ability with this great site.
21. About.com: Fitness Calculators – Determine your pace, take a walking test, and determine your ideal weight with this simple site.
22. One-Mile Fitness Calculator – This thorough test determines how healthy your heart is, and provides tips on how to make it stronger.
23. Army PFT Calculator – Using your ability to do push-ups, sit-ups, and run 2 miles, this calculator determines if you’re fit for the Army.
24. Health and Fitness Calculator – This site maximizes your weight loss by helping to measure your heart rate, find a healthy blood pressure, determine your BMI, and much more.
25. Air Force Physical Fitness Test Calculator – If you’d like to defend the blue skies, take this Air Force test to determine if you’ve got what it takes.
26. Measured Success: 50 Online Fitness and Nutrition Calculators – This site offers links to so many health calculators, you may need your own calculator to keep track of them.
27. Race Training Tools – This bevy of free online tools helps get your mind and body in harmony for the big race.
Super Fitness Tools Web Sites
28. Fitness Tests Section – This no-frills site will help you with benchmarking, goal setting, and also offers feedback and motivation for your fitness activities.
29. Rob’s Home of Fitness Testing – With over 120 fitness tests and awesome health info, this site will get you fit in no time.
30. Fitness Tests – This site provides quirkier (but useful) fitness tests, with activities that you can do on treadmills or outdoors, running or walking, and even on your bicycle.
31. Fitness Testing – This simple site has plenty of exercises for strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness and body composition, and also provides information on cholesterol and health screenings.
32. FREE Fitness Tools – Making Learning Health & Fitness Fun! – This fun site provides fitness crosswords, quizzes, polls, and much more.
33. Fit-Bottomed Girls – The Fit-Bottomed Girls provide various programs and techniques to help you stay in shape, from exercise journals and map-running software to virtual trainers and health-food finders.
34. Every Body’s Personal Trainer – This site helps you find your own personal trainer, and provides a variety of links to help you shed pounds at home.

Diet and Nutrition Tools

35. Health Tools for Your Use—Free! – This simple site helps you keep track of your daily walks, count carbs, and provides a variety of fitness tests.
36. Fitness Tools – This site helps you calculate calories burned, figure out your water requirement, and just how much of your favorite activities it will take to burn the pounds away.
37. Interactive Tool: How Many Calories Did You Burn? – This pick-me-up website helps determine how many calories you burned throughout your day.

Weight Loss Tools and Tests

38. Weight Loss and Muscle Building Tools – This site helps you sculpt your physique through protein intake, calorie-burning exercises, a healthy fat calculator, and more.
39. Women Fitness: Fitness Tools – This women-centric site helps you rate your flexibility, figure out your BMI, help set a target weight, and much more.
40. Diet & Fitness Tools – These tools provide fun challenges, expert quizzes, and informative videos to help you lose weight.
41. Calorie Burn Calculator – Just select your favorite physical activity, tell the machine your weight, and tell it how long you’ll be performing the activity. It instantly tells you how many calories you’ll burn.
42. Weight Loss: Body Mass Index Calculator – This quick, easy site lets you calculate your BMI in no time.
43. Weight Loss: Weight Loss Calculator – With this simple site, you input your goal weight reduction, and it estimates how long it will take you to reach this goal.
44. Online Diet and Fitness Tools – This no-frills site provides links to things like health portals, dieting support sites, and food availability calculators.
45. Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator – This simple site determines your waist to hip ratio.
46. Changing Shape 2.0 – This site helps you determine your strength, figure out caloric intake, and shed those unwanted pounds.
47. SELF: Calculators and Programs – This SELF magazine site provides women-friendly advice on losing weight, toning up, and living a healthier life.
48. tweight.com – The weight-loss future is now—simply “tweet” your weight via Twitter periodically, and follow your own weight-loss history online.
49. What Does 200 Calories Look Like? – Because a picture is worth a 1000 words (if not a 1000 calories), this site gives you bright pictures of food servings, along with info about how many calories they contain.
50. Gear Inch & Shifting Pattern Calculator – For cyclists only, this site helps you determine how far you need to bike to reach your target weight-loss goal.

Now that you know where you stand on the fitness spectrum, you can gauge a better idea of how hard you’ll have to work to get your dream body and lead a healthy lifestyle for good.

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