The Law of Compensation & Tough Love


After an incredible week of working out and eating clean, the compliments begin to pour in. What do I do? Eat enough bread and pasta to feed an army….sad I know. I felt as if I deserved it. My waist is creeping towards 32 and my BF is 17%. I lost sight of my real goals (30″ and 10%) and misapplied the law of compensation.

The Law of Compensation asserts that we will only receive what is rightfully ours. But if we have worked hard yet we have not been rewarded, it means that we did not apply the Law properly. The Universal Laws work similarly with math and science. They always have accurate results. The possibility and supply remain constant at all times.

And it is our responsibility to appropriately make use of the Law of Compensation to improve our lives. This is because our present condition relies on the way we apply it. If we fail to realize this, it is us who will suffer the consequences. And we must know that it is through our thoughts that we are able to apply the Universal Laws.

It is so much mind over body. Can I call myself a man without self discipline?

I run into so many people with so much potential physically, but mentally have fallen into the hole of disbelief. I know cause I’ve done it…worst yet with better knowledge than most. I have understood now more than ever, anything I had before was purely luck. Now I’m putting in work! There are a lot of good looking people and these people need very little work and wont do it. Why? People are not willing to exercise a little more and eat a little less or drink a little less alcohol to be fit. I fell off big time and now my body is beginning to reflect my mind power. I am beginning to be in complete control of my body. I’m not in a “F off” zone yet but I’m getting there.

Anyone who is overweight with a strong mind will eventually gain control of their body. If they are fit and weak minded there body will eventually reflect who they are. Your body will eventually reflect who you are mentally. It is easy to be fat that’s why over 80% of the US is obese and all the tough minded people are ripped, now are you tough?

People also claim they dont have time, but trust me if you want it that bad enough you will make time. I’m not here to judge…just to give you some tough love.

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  • October 27, 2010 2:08 pmPosted 3 years ago

    Well, I'm not black but I'm into fitness. So, oblige me while I contribute half-assed. ;)

    Most overweight people have eating problems (they eat too much) but don't necessarily have workout problems. Meaning, if you overeat, just make sure to work your butt off in your workouts. Change the diet slowly, but go full force with the training.


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