Happy Thanksgiving Workout

A creature of habit goes about his daily existence regardless of what the calendar says. It is just another day of work. I want to be in a state of mind where my body expects the daily attention. The daily discipline.. dedication and desire. It recognizes no excuse, no holiday, no lack of motivation as I consistently take off (diet wise) on the weekends. Results are built on consistency… in both diet and work. I have learned this over the last couple years and I make it part of my daily routine… without thought…without reservation. It is just like breathing.  I need it, it is just a matter of time. I have to extend my meal plans past Friday if I want to be serious about this!

Gym was empty this morning… imagine that, I have a feeling it’s gonna be like till that New Years Resolution crap.

It was nice to get from station without worrying about others stepping on stations or crowding the dumb bell racks so they could be close to the mirror to watch themselves work. I never understood that. When I work, I focus on the muscle being worked, not the mirror and how I look doing it. To each his own I suppose.

Funny story though…I step away from the pec flyes machine this AM to grab my water and granny just steps in, changes the weights/settings and starts to do her thing….what could I say?


I digress … Enjoy the Turkey Day and eat like you mean it, cause I know come Saturday everything will be back to normal.

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