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Exposed! Before and After Part II

This is a repost…Why? Because since I posted this article 3-4 months ago I’ve only lost 10lbs. I’m doing a couple of things this week since I was inspired by some old college friends. I won’t go into detail until I’ve formed a habit, hope to share the results soon.

Regardless of the reason(s) you are getting into better shape, make sure that you record your fitness history with before and after photo’s. Use those before photo’s to motivate you in continuing to reach your health and fitness goals. Later you may find that the photo’s you take are just what a friend or close relative needs to see to get into better shape.

Somebody with a low self body image may think, “My body sucks, why couldn’t I have been born as physically fit as ______ (insert name in blank)”. Having your own before and after shots can help motivate them to realize that they can also improve their own physiques. They don’t just have to sit and feel helpless. They don’t have to be stuck in the same body everyday.

Now I’m putting my picture to expose myself. I have nothing to hide and have fitness goals like everyone else. We can go on this journey together, in hopes of being better than we are now.

Sugar helps your diet?

I saw this picture posted on the web and thought this was the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. Obviously based on the photo quality this was circa 1970′s…no wonder we’re so screwed up when it comes to eating habits.

Read the text “Sugar…..only 18 calories per teaspoon, and it’s all energy”

The Perfect Diet?

So, I think it’s official…emotional eating is a NO..NO. After a heated argument with my wife I stormed out the house w/o my meals and started to runs some errands. In doing this I made several pitstops at XXXX and XXXX if you know what I mean. I mentioned XXXX and XXXX in my previous article top 5 fast food meals for dieters, how irresponsible was that?! Suggesting XXXX and XXXX as an alternative is setting you up for failure because it is too easy to fall into the trap. In fairness, it’s our fault if we are out of shape and over weight but I wanted to let the masses know there are alternatives.

I came across an interesting video on youtube called the perfect human diet. Is there such a thing? Obesity is an epidemic and we all know this…so whats the solution? CJ Hunt makes several good points and I hope this gets released. Info like this gets buried under the barrage of mega films…

The media messages that surround us come primarily from vested interests that ignore or ridicule innovative information that could help us.

Hopefully this can be used as a tool in your arsenal to fight the buldge.

Top 5 Fast Food Meals for Dieters

I’ve been on the run this week and haven’t been a good boy. The good people at fitsugar came up with an awesome list that I agree with. Although there are choices galore on the food front, many of them are high in calories and fat, so here are some healthier options to munch on. They may not be the healthiest choices on the planet, but they’re better than succumbing to a Big Mac attack.

From Subway:
6″ Veggie Delite: 230 calories, 1 g saturated fat
6″ Turkey Breast: 280 calories, 1.5 g saturated fat
6″ Oven Roasted Chicken Breast: 310 calories, 1.5 g saturated fat

Not into those choices? Then read more.

From McDonald’s:
Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken: 320 calories, 3 g saturated fat
Premium Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken: 300 calories, 1 g saturated fat
Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken: 220 calories, 3 g saturated fat
Snack Size Fruit & Walnut Salad: 210 calories, 1.5 g of saturated fat

Opt for no dressing or choose from these two:

Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette: 40 calories, 0 g saturated fat
Newman’s Own Low Fat Family Recipe Italian Dressing: 60 calories, 0 g saturated fat

From Wendy’s:
Chicken Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Fillet: 490 calories, 7 g saturated fat
Broccoli and Cheese Potato: 320 calories, 1.5 g saturated fat
Grilled Chicken Go Wrap: 260 calories, 3.5 g saturated fat
Ultimate Chicken Grill: 320 calories, 1.5 g saturated fat
Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich: 450 calories, 3.5 g saturated fat
Side of Mandarin Oranges: 80 calories, 0 g saturated fat

From Taco Bell:
Fresco Bean Burrito: 330 calories, 2.5 g saturated fat
Regular Style Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco: 270 calories, 4 g saturated fat
Regular Style Spicy Chicken Soft Taco: 170 calories, 2 g saturated fat
Fresco Style Spicy Chicken Burrito: 340 calories, 3 g saturated fat
Fresco Style Fiesta Burrito – Beef: 350 calories, 4 g saturated fat
Fresco Style Chalupa Supreme – Chicken: 300 calories, 2 g saturated fat

From Dunkin’ Donuts:
Multigrain bagel w/ reduced fat vegetable cream cheese: 520 calories, 8 g saturated fat
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich: 510 calories, 6 g saturated fat
Garden Salad: 240 calories, 5 g saturated fat

Personally I purchase a grill chicken patty with a side salad. Yeah …yeah I can taste the phosphates and salt but its an option for that boy/girl on the run. What do you do for a quick fast food meal?

My Best Leg Press: 990lbs

LEGS… LEGS… LEGS.. Holy crap!! Legs are a funny muscle group. They are by far the largest making them great for total body stimulus. Neglecting your legs will slow you down. I have definitely rekindled my love-hate relationship with leg day. All these months of “soft” training and I had forgot about this complicated relationship. I went HARD and leg pressed 990lbs, haven’t done this since college. We are definitely back together, and like any relationship, it is causing me a lot of pain.

But like any male ego in the gym, being the center of attention, even for a minute felt good. Playing basketball afterwards not so good.

Conclusion, every once in a while it might be good to blast your legs but I’m going to be sticking to box jumps, light squats and cycling to stimulate them. I’m not a football player and lifting this much serves me no practical use…I’m more interested in good functional athletic movements and more of a “Hollywood” body type. So I say “NO MORE HEAVY LEG PRESS”…at least for now, or until I need an ego booster.

Snack of the Week: Bolthouse Farms Smoothies and Drinks

Ok…this week my local grocery store had a sale and I went goo goo …ga ga because my favorite drink was buy one get one free. So this week I’m featuring Bolthouse FARMS smoothies and drinks. This makes getting your servings of fruits and vegetables a lot easier.

Picture of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Juice Smoothie

The Bolthouse Farms  line of fruit and vegetable juices at the grocery store are 100% all natural juices. They have all kinds of cool names like Blue Goodness, C-Boost and my favorite, Green Goodness. They are way better than Odwalla juices, no disrespect.

Here is a list of ingredients in Green Goodness…

Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness is a blend of wheat grass, de-odorized garlic, spirulina, spinach,broccoli, barley grass and blue-green algae with fruit including apple, pineapple, mango puree, banana puree and kiwi juice. There’s also a bunch of exotic sounding ingredients like jerusalem artichoke, Nova Scotia dulce, dragon fruit juice, open-cell chlorella and even echinacea purpurea extract.

Trust me its good. The carb count is a little high for me so I dilute this 2 parts Green Goodness one part water. Keep in mind the calories, especially if you drink the whole bottle. Use this as a full blown snack, NOT A DRINK AFTER YOUR SNACK!

Green Goodness or any of the other mixes will do fine, I would stay away from their coffee line which seems to be a gimmick sad to say. But overall have a drink and get your 5-6 servings!

Human Machine: David Goggins Inspiration, motivation and desire

In life there are two kinds of people those that can’t and those that can. This is for all my friends and supporters get tough and get in shape.

 To Tim, if you focus like you did for med school, then you got this! For my moms if you focus like you did for your masters degree, you got this! If you ever wanted to find out what your human spirit is made out of …you got this!

Honestly, I HATE RUNNING! Must be like broccoli…if it taste nasty then it’s probably good for ya! 

Discovery Health: National Body Challenge 2009

I was suppose to write this blog several weeks ago, there are many fitness and weight-loss challenges happening all over the web. The Discovery Channel has created the National Body Challenge, a program designed to get you fit and healthy. They have even included a free eight-week pass to a Bally Fitness Center near you.

The cool people at fitsugar.com and Discovery health put me on to this. They both are working hard to make fitness available to everyone not just for muscle-heads.

The benefits for registering for the challenge are great, along with the gym membership you have access to customized meal plans created from 1,000 kitchen-tested, nutritionist-approved recipes, plus progressive fitness plans so you don’t hit a plateau! As an added bonus for eight weeks you can try out Podfitness, which offers podcasts for workouts to listen to on your MP3 player. There’s is a lot to discover about this challenge, so head on over to the Disovery Channel Body Challenge, and check them out for yourself.

Better late then never check em out!

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