Real Talk with Black Women

Female perspective on some health issues affecting the black community. Links to a great blog promoted by thefitnessgoddess herself. Check it out!

True Blood’s Rutina Wesley’s Killer Arms & Hot Bod

The cast of True Blood has to be one of the fittest group of actors on television today. Rutina Wesley, the actress who portrays Tara Thornton, is no exception. Rutina has an upper body that exudes strength — she looks like she could smash it in an arm wrestling comp! If you’ve wondered how to achieve the kind of shoulders and arms that Rutina has, Fitness has the scoop. The mag recently talked with her on how she maintains such a fit bod.


Rutina told Fitness that when it comes to working out, she does a mix of cardio and strength three times a week. A trained dancer, Rutina also fits in time for yoga. But what we really wanted to know is how she gets those arms. Rutina’s regimen is a totally achievable at-home workout that anyone can do:

“About every other day, I do a special 30-20-10 push-up circuit: 30 push-ups and 30 tricep dips, then 20 of each, then 10 of each.”

If you complete this cross training with some rope skipping, sit ups and a brisk walk you’ll have a complete workout in lest than 30mins.

Your Ultimate WorkOut Partner


Everyone knows when you do anything with a friend, it makes the time that you do a particular task much more enjoyable. Working out is no different. Many bodybuilders have reached their potential by having partners there to motivate them. But sometimes having partners while you areworking out can hinder your bodybuilding goals. In this article, I want to go over the pros and cons of working out with a partner. Let’s begin.

Pros: There are many pros to working with a partner when it comes to lifting weight. The first benefit is the motivation factor. A partner is a great motivational tool. People that usually workout with partners tend to go beyond the limits that they set for themselves. The partner usually pushes them to go further. Another pro of working out with a partner is that you will always have a spotter. It is hard trying to find people to give you a spot when you are working out on your heavy days. With a training partner, you will not have this problem. Your partner usually knows what you can and what you can not lift, so he knows when to come in at the right time. Another plus about having a partner is that they can tell you when you are doing something wrong. A partner can guide you in the right direction when your form is particularly straight.

Cons: Even though working with a partner can be great, it also has its down sides. One negative to working out with a partner is what I call the social factor. Many people have their friend or a group of friends workout with them, with the expectation of the partners being there to motivate them. These usually turn into social gatherings, where everything is done but working out. They talk about sports, girls, and anything else that has nothing to do with training. Here is the rule of thumb when working out with a partner. You are there to train, not to find out what is the latest on your favorite sports team. Work out first and then talk to your friends. Another con to working with a partner is that sometimes the partners do not show up on time. If you want a consistent workout, you need to have a partner that will arrive at the scheduled time that you all have agreed upon. This make the workouts go smoother.

Finally, I was going to discuss working out with the opposite sex but I’ll leave that for later….In matter of fact I’ll refer you to my girl Buffie the body at BOOTYNOMICS she might have a thing or two to say about having a workout partner.

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The “Invisible” Black Woman


In 2005, The Fantastic Four was released at the box office and I felt like a kid again even though I was thirty something years old. The Fantastic Four just happened to be one of my favorite superhero groups back in the day. I especially liked Thing and Mr. Fantastic. Thing had the muscle to get things done and Mr. Fantastic was the “brain.” The qualities and powers they had always appealed to me. I never really paid much attention to the other two superheroes but something brought Sue Storm back to my mind. I happened to be going to work and listening to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show when a comedian made a joke about black woman not going to the gym because they don’t want to get their hair messed up. It was hilarious, but it made me think on a deeper level.

What do Sue Storm and Black Women have in common?

If you recall, Sue Storm had the power to become invisible. So how does that relate to black women? I am not sure whether you’ve noticed, but black women are increasingly absent in gyms or the fitness profession as a whole. I would go so far as to say they have made themselves invisible. Well, may be not invisible but for the numbers that make up the population they can be represented by the digits of my hands and feet so that isn’t a great number. Why is this happening? I am not sure what is contributing to this but I have some ideas.

Economics 101

In college, I took an economics course not because I wanted to, but because it was required for my business degree. I learned a few things but the majority of the stuff was boring and I always thought to myself, “When am I ever gonna use this stuff?” Well, my economics professor would be happy to know I learned a little something and I am going to use it right now. Here’s my question. Do black women have less discretionary income than other ethnic groups? On a large scale, I realize there are much more single black women with kids so these women might not be able to afford the gym, right? They may not even have the time. The majority of “sistas” just don’t live on Wisteria Lane like Eva Longoria’s character on Desperate Housewives with a rich spouse. Is that the cause? Hmm… maybe, maybe its something else?


I Look Good

Do black women care more about looking good vs. feeling good? Every now and then I venture in to get a pedicure. Yes, ladies, I am a man who gets a pedicure! I am secure with my masculinity. (smile) I notice tons of “sistas” getting pedicures, manicures and even eyebrows waxed. I also hit the barber shop and see ya’ll getting your hair done, but what I don’t see is you in the gym or attending local bootcamps to trim and tone your figure. So, the question is, do black women only care about looking good and not feeling good by keeping their weight down and being healthy? I might be a bit critical but these are questions I hope to get answered or is it like the comedian said,” Ya’ll just don’t want to get your hair messed up?”

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"Fitness,Beautiful Body, and Sex Life: A Male Perspective"


So you say exercise helps with skin, hair, nails and body? How about you look better and as a male I’m more sexually more attracted to you? How about this “new you” has revved up your self confidence and it makes you more appealing? A person’s physical appearance can be beneficial on an emotional level.

“If health and fitness aren’t enough to get you to exercise, how about improving your sex life? Sure, exercise can help you look good and maybe that will help you get more sex, but I’m talking about increasing your drive, ability and making sex more fun. You already know why exercise is so important for your health, but you may not know the sexual benefits. So, exercise can make your sex life more enjoyable. “

I’m thinking about my ex who use to run track and boy we use to…oh…back to the article…like I was sayin’

Rules for good sex:

#1 I know from experience no girl likes it for hours upon hours, but a one minute man is worst. For enthusiastic sex, you’ll need some type of cardio. It won’t be any fun if you half ass it and fall short!

(Get that cardio in 2-3 times a week your partner will thank you later and will notice the difference in no time.)

#2 Working out has enabled me to pick up the wifey and do what ever I please, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I can do pushups over/on my lady, support her weight and …okay okay enough already you get the point. We might as well cover muscular strength, which is something else you’ll need. Your muscles will be contracting like crazy no matter what position you’re in, so it pays to be in shape.

(Incorporate weights as part of your regimen 2-3 times a week. Every woman likes to hold on to some arms and broad shoulders, they feel protected.)

#3 We all like variety tired of the same ol positions? Work on your flexibility. Flexibility can enhance anyone’s sex life by making it a bit easier to get into your favorite position without fussing about it.

(While cooling down after your workout, don’t forget to stretch. Not only will you be testing your Karma sutra skills but when your flexible you can afford to be a lil rougher in bed)

Keep in mind that exercise minimizes stress & sleepless nights and maximizes drive & desire.

There are several rational reasons why a physically fit person is more likely to fully enjoy sex compared to a non-fit person. For instance, improved muscle tone can increase sexual gratification since orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity. Better yet these discoveries are even better when both parties are improving their fitness.

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Natural Discipline: Body Builder T.J. Morris


Natural Discipline: Body Builder T.J. Morris by Raygon Fields

Natural bodybuilding is a healthier and drug-free way to build muscle and improve your form and physique. All natural body mass, wellness, and conditioning can be gained without the aid of steroids, growth hormones, insulin or any other illegal or banned substances.

Bodybuilders who train with enhancement drugs are more likely to develop health issues, damage their internal organs, as well as, shorten their life span. All natural bodybuilding not only builds muscle and burns off fat but it increases your health and long life. The taboo word associated with natural bodybuilding is supplements. Amplified Supplements that induce a more accelerated growth of mass and form are what the natural fitness world steers away from. Fit talent can achieve the same results by consuming natural vitamins, minerals, proteins and herbs.

Natural Bodybuilding Competitions

These days there are more and more natural bodybuilding competitions. Many of these events are run by the WNBF, which stands for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. This group is widely known and accredited for its clean, natural male/female competitors. The WNBF does responsible drug testing of all the competition participants, enter Mr. Travis Morris.

A Long Island import, Travis Morris now resides in Durham, NC where he trains with mentor Joe Sumpter. Earlier this month, Joe and Travis competed in the World Bodybuilding and Figure Championship (WBFC) in Atlanta, Georgia.

After a rigorous 9 weeks of training, Travis earned 1st place as the Men’s Novice and Heavyweight champion. When asked about the changes in his lifestyle and diet, Morris shared these candid thoughts, “Training was miserable, but the victory was well worth it. I consumed the same meal plan (roughly 1900 calories) for 68 days straight, along with, eliminating sugar and alcohol from my diet. I lost 26lbs and brought my body fat percentage down to 5%. I surprised myself with these results, now it’s time to get ready for the next one.”

To prepare, Travis will resume with the following diet. Maybe it will work for you as well. Try it for a week and let in on your results:

·Breakfast:1 serving of cooked oatmeal with 1 banana

·Lunch: 1serving of Tuna (add one teaspoon of preserve for flavor-optional)

·Dinner: 1 Chicken Breast with 1 serving of steamed vegetables

·Consume 2 gallons of water daily, along with, 3 Protein Shakes in between meals





V8 Spalsh= Healthy Food Failure

Time for another episode of “Mike on his Soapbox”. I never claim to be Mr. Healthy, I’m just glad I can recognize pitfalls and pick myself up. I love my wife but she gets duped like all of us and brings home V8 Splash. Read more

Do Black Men Encourage Black Women To Be Overweight?

These words can be heard from just about every man of color from time to time. “I want something I can hold on to”.. Was Sir Mix A Lot speaking for all black men whe he spoke of his preference for a women with a large behind? Has the desire of black men to have a women with a nice apple bottom behind led to the obesity rate in black women. Read more

Jennifer Hudson is Weight Watchers' newest spokesperson

 Grammy and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson is now speaking up about losing. Weight, that is.

The actress and new mom has signed on as the new spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, and plans are underway for her to share her dieting experiences, according to the weight loss company.

The actress, who tried several diets before starting the program, has already lost some weight, her Weight Watchers leader Liz Josefsberg tells the Daily News.

Josefsberg wouldn’t say how many pounds the actress has lost so far, but said that she recently reached a major weight loss milestone.

“We aren’t talking numbers, but Jennifer is extremely close to another weight loss goal of hers,” Josefsberg said. “She’s excited.”

On the Weight Watchers Web site, Hudson noted, “With Weight Watchers I am enjoying the weight loss because I’m doing it the right way – I feel empowered with what I’ve learned, everything from portion control to what foods will help keep me satisfied. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.”

The actress has planned a live Facebook interview at 3 p.m. Thursday on Weight Watchers’ Facebook page.

Since embarking on the weight loss program several months ago, Hudson has bumped up her exercise routine, graduating from just walking to walk-running and playing basketball, Josefsberg says.

She also following another tried-and-true Weight Watchers tactic: keeping track of everything she eats.

“Jennifer tracks what she eats with her Weight Watchers iPhone app,” Josefsberg said. “She’s on the go so much that she doesn’t always have time to pop open her laptop, but whenever she eats something, she enters it on her phone and that calculates how many points she has left for the day.”

On the program, different foods are “worth” a certain number of points, and each Weight Watchers participant is allotted a certain amount of points to eat each day.

One of Hudson’s pitfalls before she started the program was focusing on foods she thought would help her lose weight, Josefsberg said.

“A lot of grilled chicken is how Jennifer puts it,” she said.

Weight Watchers encourages attendance at weekly support meetings, and Hudson has been to some of them, Josefsberg said.

“We also have private meetings and do what we can,” she said. “We have had to meet at airports sometimes. With her schedule, it’s just not possible for her to always get to a meeting.”

Hudson’s not the only celeb to be the face of Weight Watchers.

Last year, Jenny McCarthy was a Weight Watchers spokeswoman. Until then, the most recognizable spokesperson for the organization was Sarah Ferguson


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