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Keyshia Cole: Baby fat

Keyshia Cole is yet one of those celebrities that managed to lose all the baby weight not too long after giving birth. The singer said that she worked out a lot during and after the pregnancy, and this helped her get back to her previous weight easier.

Keyshia confessed that she didn’t gain too much weight during her pregnancy, so after giving birth her main focus was on toning her body.

“I pretty much lost it once Daniel came. He was pretty much all of it,” she said. “I definitely gained a lot of weight in my backside area. I think in my arms and things like that so I just did a lot of toning and stuff for that.”

The artist revealed that until now she managed to lose about 50 pounds, but the last 15 pounds were the toughest to get rid of.

“I definitely feel that I am where I was before I got pregnant,” she said. “It took a lot of preparing and working out during the pregnancy and after — definitely a lot of hard work that pays off.”

Aside from working out, Keyshia also hired a chef to help her with her diet that included chicken, fish and vegetables.

After regaining her figure, she changed her diet a bit. These days, she’s all about portion control.

Keyshia’s Diet:

  • Breakfast

Turkey bacon and egg whites or a bagel.

  • Lunch & Dinner

Baked chicken or fish combined with vegetables or salad.

  • Snacks

Frozen grapes or apples.

Her current workout routine includes 45 minutes of weight training and 5 minutes of cardio.


Aretha: Says No Mo' Junk Food

After a “more than a minor surgery” in December, Aretha Franklin had to change her bad eating habits, remove junk food from her diet and go with her healthier lifestyle. She finally realized that eating fatty pork products constantly is not a good way to go.

“They’re off my diet,” she revealed. “They just really don’t fit with (health food store) Whole Foods. I had it for enough years that I don’t miss it. You can’t continue to eat things that are not good for you.”

Switching from a fatty diet of chitterlings, pigs’ feet and ham hocks to a healthier diet also had its benefits as the 68-year-old Queen of Soul is looking much skinnier these days and she’s determined to keep working hard to lose at least one more dress size and drop down to a size 16.

On the other hand, she admits that she’s missing her high-calorie snacks every time she gets off the stage after a concert, but she’s making to effort to find a replacement with fresh fruits.

“When you come off (a high-energy concert), a carrot or some celery just isn’t going to work. I’ve gotta do a fresh fruit thing… and come up with some tasty and satisfying recipes that are going to work for me after concerts,” she explains.

Aretha is also working out regularly and walking on a track three times a week.


Here we go again...


Its been a tough couple of weeks.  Last week was just work and coaching, this week its the common cold. Fell off the wagon and I have been heavily involved in the consumption of all things bad and that’s with a capital B!

Everything was going so well too!  The problems started last week with a cold…real deal put you in bed for days.  Knocked me out of work for 2 days, Im not use to getting sick, so when it hits …it hits. No food for 2 days, just tea.  When I finally started eating again it was bread, progressing to onion rings, and anything I wish I had for the year… etc. Pretty much a steady diet of the aforementioned. No note taking or jotting down meals.

My juicer broke and I was losing weight while I was sick. During this time I have repeatedly questioned the whole going to the gym routine, and it’s purpose in my life.  Do I really want to go back???  The workouts in the basement are fine.

Yes, and this weekend I will resume the process once again.  This has been a nice break, but my mind and my body are telling me something is missing.  As much as I hate to admit it,  I need my job…it creates a steady habit where I pack my meals and plan accordingly.  I still have some remnants of this cold but I think its time to sweat it off!

Oprah’s Vegan Challenge

After a vegan themed show last Tuesday, Oprah decided to take on the challenge to go vegan for a week and she’s not doing it alone.  Her 378 staffers will also be joining her.

Last week, Oprah invited Kathy Freston, the author of the best sellerVeganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World and Michael Pollan, the author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” to get the insights on becoming a vegan.

This is Oprah’s second attempt to go on a vegan diet. Back in 2008, Freston’s first book on veganism inspired Oprah to try a 21-day vegan cleanse. Freston’s books on being a vegan are causing quite a stir these days and it seems her mission to convince people to go vegan are paying off.

Even journalist John Heilpern ended his interview with Freson for Vanity Fair confessing that he’s decided to give up meat.

“I will never become an alfalfa-and-brown-rice man, but since my lunch with Kathy Freston I have decided to give up eating all meat.”


Are you BS-ing?


A few weeks back, while i was at the gym, I had asked a guy using a machine how many sets he had left. He reply was baffling to say the least. “I don’t really know. I’m just B-S-ing on here. haha” … Ok. That comment made wonder how many other people start their workouts with that same mind set.

Going into the gym every day and just going through the motions will not give you success. Your job is to go in with a game plan. A strategy that will help you achieve the results you desire. It doesn’t matter what body part I’m working out that day, I always have an attack plan in hand. You have to think of the gym as a battle field. It’s you versus the weights, the people the distractions, even your own family. Your mind, your body and spirit have to come together to over come them. But that won’t happen with out a proper strategy. I can’t a imagine a platoon going into war without a plan. ”Soldiers I want you to go in there and just B-S.” If they did that, they will surely be defeated.

I have always gone to the gym with a layout of my exercise. I even visualize myself lifting the heavier sets. Because failing to plan is planning to fail. And I never plan to fail. Failure occurs in those that just let life happen. Those people that just go through the motions without a plan. Doing that in the gym will leave you feeling unsuccessful. As if you are not progressing (and you wont). Then you’ll inevitably end up quitting.

When you plan your workout to hit all your body parts for the week,  you will feel a void when you skip out on intensity.  The only one losing is you.

My workouts have been killer the past month. I do one heavy set x 4, medium set x 4,  one light set x 4 and one failure set x 1 done and out~45mins. After 1 hour my intensity and focus is not there…although this should be cardio time (i know…i know).  I still doing 25mins 3 times a week in the am but that damn PB is taking over.

I started logging my meals and I can see where the failure is…more on this later.


I've been thinking...


I went to a company function and got a hella of lot of compliments.

But seriously my goals are all wrong.

Benching 400+ lbs will require me putting on  a lot of weight (fat).  Feeling like I need fuel. 400 is just a number. Five percent BF, another number.  17 inch Bi’s, you get the point.  30in waist is another number… on and on.

After years of sporadic training it is time to forget about the numbers.  I have to be happy with the way I look.  Presently I can do better.  A few compliments usually means disaster for me.  I realize numbers allow us to measure progress, and I will continue to measure, but I need to get smaller to feel better.

Smaller means faster, lighter and tighter.

For the first time Ive been writing everything down…EVERYTHING. Surprisingly all the organic PB in the world will make you fat! So I’m revisiting my meal plans w/o heavy protein…yes I said it. My body (esp. kidneys) need a break. This is gonna be fun.

Raven-Symoné Unhappy with Media Attention from Weight Loss

Not sure what to say about this…Dont lose weight?

When Raven- Symoné showed off an amazingly slim figure at the People’s Choice Awards, it became news. But that’s to be expected when you’re a celebrity. Now that she’s lost a lot of weight, she’s not happy with all the media attention she’s getting over it.

The 25-year-old former Disney star confessed she was happy with her body when it was fuller and didn’t feel insecure in any way.

“I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did,” she said. “So, whatever.”

While most celebrities try to show off their bikini bodies with every chance they get, Symoné wants to hide it by wearing bigger clothes, just to stop people from staring.

“Actually, now I wear bigger clothes because I don’t like the way people stare at me,” she confesses. “I liked it before. Now, you’re just looking at me for the wrong reasons. Before, you were actually looking at me for a real reason.”

The actress revealed that the stress from the That’s So Raven show was the main factor that lead to her weight gain. Even if she didn’t share the insights on her new diet and workout routine, the star credits her recent weight loss to her less stressful life, as well as finding new ways to relax and spend her time.

“That’s what stress does to you,” Symoné says. “I’ve been not stressing. I’ve been in my own house, decorating and finding hobbies.”


The Natives...


The native are getting restless….

They slowly enter one at a time…roaming the land with great zeal. They roam and roam leaving a trail while disturbing the peace.

We look at each other…one in fear and the other with confidence.

They move out the way when I walk by…but they are still invading my space.

Who are these people with the freshest newest gear? What do they want? They look out of place.

As I have this look of bewilderment the elders look at me and laugh… He says “They won’t last long…continue with your work.”

They are called “New Year Resolutions”

“How long will it last?” I ask.

“I never know…some become committed while others fall fast”

It’s always interesting in January…love to see new blood.

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