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September 5, 2011

Your Fitness Stories

Runners, Fitness Trainers, Inspiration, Bodybuilder, Yoga experts….

September 9, 2011

Celebrity Fit Stories

Celebrity diets, celebrity diet secrets & tips from the BlackFitness Blog. Straight talk about celebrity weight loss, anti-aging nutrition, best workouts from our top celebrities and their trainers more

July 26, 2013

My Fitness Journey

My Weight loss journey began last year. I wanted to have more energy and get back to how I looked when I was 19. I lost 20Lbs from may to december juicing walking and doing Yoga. I started lifting weights in december. I decided I wanted more of a fitness physique.
Beginning my Herbalife nutrition plan was the best thing I could have done for my health.
Before Herbalife I was working out 6 days a week 3 hours a day on a 1200 calorie low carb diet. I was juicing everyday and ate a lot of tuna and kale.
My first 30 day on Herbalife I lost 7% of my bodyfat and 8lbs it was easy to maintain and I deleted my calorie app and now I don’t have to spend 18 hours in the gym every week. I still eat clean but I get to eat more than I use to and I look and feel better.
In my next 30 days I gained 4lbs in lean muscle while keep the fat off I had already lost.
I am in the best shape of my life now.
Being healthy and In shape looks different for everyone.

Your Fitness Stories
Celebrity Fit Stories
My Fitness Story
BLACKFITNESS BLOG for 2012. It is more about you then it is about me. This site will help people realize they are not alone in their struggles. Everyone's story is real and their backgrounds are as diverse as we are as a people. Many of us will stumble early through fitness. It is the support and resolve that will help use achieve that goal. Find out why I get emails and request everyday to get fit or share fitness.
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Name: Tim Reynolds Birth Year/Age: 05/26/60 - 51 Location: Winston-Salem
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February 3, 20104 years ago

‘Junk in the Trunk’? It’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing


I shared similar finding sometime last year about How a Fat Ass maybe Good for your Health. Now one year later this:

A study that shows that the voluptuous figures of countless black women possess more benefits than just aesthetic perks. News from the study reports that fat in the butt and thighs of women may help them live longer. According to the study, unlike unhealthy belly fat, the type of fat found in the thighs and backside may actually help reduce disease.

“The fact that body fat’s distribution is quite important for your health has been known for some time now,” said lead researcher Konstantinos Manolopoulos of the University of Oxford in England. Manolopoulos and his colleagues detailed their findings in an article in a recent International Journal of Obesity.

The review also suggests a mechanism for conveying those benefits. The next step is to figure out how our bodies decide where to store fat, say, in the stomach versus the butt.

“Once this is understood then one could think about therapeutic approaches to make use of that,” Manolopoulos said. “Maybe to make use (of it) in a preventive way by redistributing the fat.”

Don’t take this news the wrong way though. This is only true to a certain degree as obesity increases your chances of developing chronic health conditions.

When looking through the studies, the researchers found that not all fat is created equal.


Butt Fat vs. Stomach Fat

According to MSNBC, stomach fat is considered more metabolically active than lower body fat. While that may sound good, as this fat breaks down easily, the result is a release of substances called cytokines, which have been linked to cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and diabetes. In fact, research on mice reported in 2008 revealed that belly fat boosts inflammation and is linked with hardening of the arteries—known to increase the risk of heart attacks.

But scientists think lower body fat, like that around the hips and thighs, produces beneficial hormones that protect against these diseases, though more research is needed to firm up this expectation.

In addition, this lower body fat also traps fatty acids. While this long-term storage can make it tricky to slim down your butt and thighs, it’s healthier for you if some fat stays put.

“If fatty acids are not stored in fat but in other organs like the liver or the arteries, this makes you prone to develop diabetes and heart disease,” Manolopoulos said. “One moment on the lips, forever on the hips. It really is exactly this phenomenon; the fat that goes there stays there”; that is, on the hips and thighs.

Manolopoulos reported that the most compelling evidence for the link comes from population studies showing the more fat individuals have in the hind area, the less likely they are to develop diabetes and heart disease later in life. Other evidence includes instances of Cushing’s syndrome, in which patients lose their hip and thigh fat while gaining stomach fat. These patients are known to have an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

The Role of Genes and Gender

Scientists aren’t sure how the body decides where to store fat, but it’s partially genetic. That genetic force can be seen in the gender differences in how fat gets stored, with women having much more of the healthy, lower-body fat than men. And females have a much lower risk for heart disease, Manolopoulos said.

“As long as you are female and your hormones are female hormones, you are protected from cardiovascular disease,” Manolopoulos said. “The moment you go into menopause and your hormones change, you lose your typical female appearance and gain stomach fat. At the same time, your risk for heart disease and diabetes becomes comparable to men of the same age.”

source: blackdoctor.org

February 2, 20104 years ago

Fighting Childhood Obesity (VIDEO)

Paris Woods is hardly a poster child for the obesity epidemic. Lining up dripping wet with kids on her swim team, she’s a blend of girlish chunkiness and womanly curves.

Like nearly one-third of American teens, Paris Woods is overweight. Her doctor worries her weight will creep up into the obesity range. One out of four black girls her age is obese.

Does she lose the weight? CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

I have to say I have several problems with this video.

  • Veggie burger doesn’t mean healthy
  • Is this girl able to lose weight for her own? Or will this be a psychological problem?
  • Mom and Dad need to get on the same boat and go for a ride
  • Peer pressure at this age is HARD!!!!
February 1, 20104 years ago

The Health Benefits of using a Trampoline


As fun as trampolines are to use, people are often unaware of the health benefits they provide. Studies by NASA scientists show that rebounding (bouncing on a trampoline) is 68% more effective than jogging, and yet requires a lot less effort, also using a trampoline on a regular basis can help aid weight loss, increase your metabolism and strengthen your muscles.

I have listed the major health benefits that can be achieved on a mini trampoline (or if you have the space in your yard, a round trampoline):

Coordination – The great thing about using a trampoline is that it improves your coordination, for example if you were to perform star jumps on a trampoline you would need to coordinate your arms and legs to move at the same time, the same distance apart. Performing various workouts on a trampoline will definitely improve your hand eye coordination. In fact one of the best workouts is bouncing on a mini trampoline and having someone throw a medicine ball to you, once you catch it you throw it back to them, try and get to 100 throws before swapping with your partner. This exercise will help your coordination whilst at the same time burn a lot of calories.

Balance – Because you are bouncing on “unstable ground” so to speak, you will have to use balance to ensure you stay upright. This is great because balancing yourself helps strengthen the weaker muscles of your legs and core, if you struggle with balance try bouncing in the same spot and try to keep in that spot for as long as possible, over time your balance will improve.

Bilateral Motor Skills – The action of bouncing on a trampoline whilst coordinating movements uses both your body and your brain simultaneously, compared to some ground sports where only one side is favoured (such as running or soccer). To help increase your bilateral motor skills try jumping jacks on an outdoor trampoline, I say outdoor trampoline because you need a big surface area which mini trampolines don’t really provide.

Low Impact – You may think that the bouncing movement is high impact, but actually bouncing on a trampoline is actually very low impact. The low impact comes from the longer acceleration and deceleration and because the mat & springs absorb most of the joint impact. This makes using a trampoline much better on your joints compared to jogging or running.

Improved Lymphatic System – The short periods of weightlessness between higher than average G forces that occur whilst bouncing on a trampoline will help the body get rid of toxins. Flushing these toxins from your body will help your overall wellbeing.

Increased Bone Density – The bouncing movement puts bones under small amounts of stress sufficient to help build them up to cope with that stress. Over time this will improve your bone density which can seriously help reduce fractures and even osteoporosis.

Hopefully the above has helped you understand the health benefits of using a trampoline and if you’re looking for an extra piece of equipment to help you lose weight and tone your body at the same time, consider purchasing a trampoline for your home.

January 31, 20104 years ago

DAY 5/6: Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance


Day 4 was an abomination…I went on a carb rage like no other. After a good day of eating light …I got home without a plan and ate every piece of bread at home. You see…..There was some gourmet cheese in the house and the rest was history.

Day 5 was great 40min cardio cycling class and a back workout not reserved for someone on a comeback (this is gonna hurt) Diet = good, not great.

Day 6 plan is to do 400 push ups 200/ hr = 50/ 15mins = 3/min see how easy that is… bake a lot of chicken!

Guys and Gals…I’m starting to get my mojo back, I’m feeling it.

Here is the list:


  • Apples
  • Bananas


  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes


  • Greek yogurt
  • Eggs/Egg whites
  • Parmesean Cheese


  • Turkey and Turkey (Deli)
  • Chicken Breast
  • Tilapia/ Salmond
  • Tuna


  • Peanut Butter
  • Oats
  • Granola (limit)
  • Low Carb wraps
January 30, 20104 years ago

Is there really such a thing as Self Love?


I have to wonder why this question was posed as such.  It seems to indicate that self-love is perhaps fictional or delusional.  Self-love is not needing validation from someone or something else, it is holding yourself to a higher standard than others around you would.  Self-love is making sure you don’t put yourself in harmful, dysfunctional situations.  Self-love is very real.  It is knowing yourself, your triggers, your weaknesses, it’s knowing everything about yourself, the good and the bad, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Sometimes, I guess, the love that we hold in our heart for ourselves encompasses all boundaries. It is really difficult to truly love someone unless we love ourselves completely. A self-love that teaches us to trust and to hope, of affection and care; teaches us all about joys and sorrows, about life and death and finally guides us to the final journey keeping the soul as our care-taker so that all that we know in end is a calm and tranquil peace!

I often wonder do people feel as if they deserve to be fit, powerful or in love? Those with low esteem or little self worth might never allow themselves to receive these ”gifts”. The gift of fitness is one you give to yourself because you deserve it. It is something you can do for yourself and no can take that away.

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy”


source:afroerotik, self love, self esteem

January 27, 20104 years ago

Day 3: Is it Diaper duty or Diaper Doodie?


Day 2 I ate well and didn’t fail!

I woke up late hhaving diaper duty at 3am hurts….arrrrghhh!

25 Mins treadmill / 6.0 incline / 3.5 speed / weight 229

The sad thing is the euphoria doesn’t kick in until ~20 minutes, that natural high, the point where you fell like you can go another 20 minutes. Whatever the case is I’m just building my cadence and habits (takes me about 2 weeks). I got to get in shape so I can start working out…to get in shape.

2 sets of incline pushups / 2 sets of dips

Glutamine/ Vit C/ BCAA / Multi

Breakfast: Oatmeal


Water, Water, Water, Water ….

Meal 2: Mix 1 mango flavor shake (29gms of carbs …ouch!)

January 27, 20104 years ago

Is HCG the next Wonder Drug?


As one of the stars of the MTV reality TV show Jersey Shore. Jenni Farley spends quite a bit of time on camera in her string bikinis. The New Yorker recently shared her weight-loss secret  – HCG drops.

“My girlfriend lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks on the plan,” she told the fitness blog. “She tried everything and it worked for her. So I thought if it worked for her, it would work for me.”

The HCG drops that Farley promotes on her website can reportedly burn 3,500 to 4,000 calories of stored fat a day, providing you follow the strict HCG Diet — consisting of  just 500 calories a day. To be more specific about that eating regime, dieters are only allowed to consume black coffee, six ounces of lean protein, two bread sticks, two veggies and two apples throughout the day. Combine the starvation-caliber eating plan with these ‘magic’ drops and Farley claims you can lose one to two pounds a day. (Maybe the HCG Diet should change its name to the Starvation Diet?)


Celeb Diet Doctor…
I know a lot of weight loss physicians administer HCG injections for weight loss. However remember that this is done in conjunction with a low calorie diet! Studies show that HCG is no more effective over placebo when combined with a low calorie diet.  To put the nail in the coffin, when HCG injections are given without a low calorie diet there is no weight loss… none! So bottom line you are losing weight because of the low calorie diet and not the HCG injections. But just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean it’s not going to prescribed…

Even if you thought that HCG injections work, you are getting such a small amount in these drops to render these drops absolutely worthless. I guess Hollywood comes with a price….

My opinion? Don’t do it…take a pass, save your money. The only wonder drug is found waking up 6am and getting your ass out to the gym or for a walk.


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