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Cat Stretch (Pilates)

Cat Stretch is A pilates stretch exercise

August 23, 20121 year ago

Best Health and Fitness Apps

Fitness App…Hmm…I’ve been thinking about building a Black Fitness App but wanted to see what out there. So I just zapped 3 hours of my life today cause there are tons of apps.

I can’t say there is a need for a BlackFitnessApp right now. If you need a dietician or meal plan… maybe a workoutplan for a 5K or quick pickmeup, well there is a fitness app for that. Check out the list — organized by category Read more

"Fitness,Beautiful Body, and Sex Life: A Male Perspective"


So you say exercise helps with skin, hair, nails and body? How about you look better and as a male I’m more sexually more attracted to you? How about this “new you” has revved up your self confidence and it makes you more appealing? A person’s physical appearance can be beneficial on an emotional level.

“If health and fitness aren’t enough to get you to exercise, how about improving your sex life? Sure, exercise can help you look good and maybe that will help you get more sex, but I’m talking about increasing your drive, ability and making sex more fun. You already know why exercise is so important for your health, but you may not know the sexual benefits. So, exercise can make your sex life more enjoyable. “

I’m thinking about my ex who use to run track and boy we use to…oh…back to the article…like I was sayin’

Rules for good sex:

#1 I know from experience no girl likes it for hours upon hours, but a one minute man is worst. For enthusiastic sex, you’ll need some type of cardio. It won’t be any fun if you half ass it and fall short!

(Get that cardio in 2-3 times a week your partner will thank you later and will notice the difference in no time.)

#2 Working out has enabled me to pick up the wifey and do what ever I please, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I can do pushups over/on my lady, support her weight and …okay okay enough already you get the point. We might as well cover muscular strength, which is something else you’ll need. Your muscles will be contracting like crazy no matter what position you’re in, so it pays to be in shape.

(Incorporate weights as part of your regimen 2-3 times a week. Every woman likes to hold on to some arms and broad shoulders, they feel protected.)

#3 We all like variety tired of the same ol positions? Work on your flexibility. Flexibility can enhance anyone’s sex life by making it a bit easier to get into your favorite position without fussing about it.

(While cooling down after your workout, don’t forget to stretch. Not only will you be testing your Karma sutra skills but when your flexible you can afford to be a lil rougher in bed)

Keep in mind that exercise minimizes stress & sleepless nights and maximizes drive & desire.

There are several rational reasons why a physically fit person is more likely to fully enjoy sex compared to a non-fit person. For instance, improved muscle tone can increase sexual gratification since orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity. Better yet these discoveries are even better when both parties are improving their fitness.

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Pardon the Interruption: Is this the End of Black Fitness Blog?

Not my baby BTW

Is this the End of Black Fitness Blog? My first born is here as of Tuesday 4:02 pm 08 Dec 09 at 8lbs and 2oz. No sleep , lots of junk food and only one gym session. Although the down fall was happening since November, it is not getting any better. I can’t be that role model/ spokesperson if I can’t stay true to myself. Obviously, this is a “to be continued” moment.

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6 Pack Abs: Mel B. Gets her BlackFitness On!

Mel B attends US Weekly's Hot Bodies Pool Party at TAO Beach on May 30, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All eyes on Mel B. as she got her BlackFitness On. The former SPICE GIRL showed off her 6 pack and ripped figure in Las Vegas yesterday. The self-confessed fitness nut has a body that could rival a bodybuilder…I’m getting jealous here. She’s taking it to another level post pregnancy. (two babies by the way)

Stephen Belafonte and Mel B

Stephen Belafonte and Mel B

People are email me telling me this is too much….are you kidding me?

Please do not compare her to buffie the body

Please do not compare her to buffie the body

and yes she too has a fitness dvd

Mel B. with fans

Mel B. with fans

The reason for her donning this skimpiest of white bikinis was to host the Hot Bodies at Tao Beach bash at The Venetian hotel.

the New Mel B.

the New Mel B.

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Love of the Weights. Pauline Nordin’s Fighter diet.

A complete weight training workout can be perf...
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Now let me stress that i did not write this. IT actually comes from Pauline Nordin’s fighter diet blog. check it out.


This is for you who just found weight training and are very eager to get the results you want.. Like yesterday or even earlier!;-)

Think of you and the weights as a love story. First out is the crush. All you can THINK of is this wonderful thing you now wonder how you could live without before, right? And you cannot wait til you see the gym again. You plan your workouts, you cannot wait, and whatever you do, every little move, you get instant feedback! Your muscles are growing, you can FEEL it! There is no stop, no end, your energy is so high and vibrating, all you wanna do is cuddle those weights LOL. You fantasize about what you will look like in the future with those weights in your daily life.

Then, after a while, just like a crush, the routine gets lame, you’ve seen every move those dumbbells do, it does not feel the same and your emotions are not as intense. It got to become an every day thing. It losts its vibe! This is where you either find out there is more behind those bars and dumbbells, there is a deeper connection that is actually stronger than the crush. Yes, you and the weights know each other very well know, you’ve “been there, done that”, in all angles and positions! But you got to a halt or an incomplete stop in the relationship. So, now…. either you hold on to the weights because you’ve got something beautiful going on there, OR you say hasta la vista baby, try a new love story and kiss goodbye to the dream body of yours you wanted so bad!

But now, if you stay committed, and you enjoy the every day life with this your love, the dumbbells in the gym, you grow. Literally. And find deeper meaning with going in, doing the same thing over and over again. And some days when you reach a personal best, you find a new connection, yes, you fall in love again! Those newbie crush feelings arise from deep inside. And then cease again like the waves in the ocean. They come and go.

Getting results is all about commitment. It is a relationship. You cannot walk out of it just because you have some issues to deal with, if it’s worth it that is. You have obligations, you know? Just like paying bills, you got to put in your work hours in the gym. And quality that is in those hours. You must be kept accountable.

Relationships go up and down and so does this one between you and the weights. It’s normal to hate them sometimes, to even wanna kill them, strangle them, tell them to fxxk off and kick them in the balls! But you gotta go back and give back to reap the rewards. After many years of true commitment, you will feel like you’ve got it all.

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The New Jennifer Hudson:Weight Loss or Photoshop?

God pulled her through.”

That was the simple statement her assistant said that explained the whirlwind ordeal that Jennifer Hudson had gone through in 2008. The American worker had a rough autumn last year; J-Hud had a heartwrenching, tragic, devastating autumn.

But now she has announced plans for a 27-city tour with Robin Thicke, the first time since the tragedy that she will be put the kind of strain on her body and mental state that tests one’s mettle.

People close to her said she’s built for this; she’s a better person; she’s stronger.

She’ll need to be.

J-Hud herself explained in a recent interview her reasons for jumping back into the limelight as such: ”I have been active for the past four or five years, and to be working like that and then to just stop and all you hear is the clock ticking…” She shook her head. ”That will drive you crazy.”

Before competing in 2004’s Idol, the 5-foot-9 Jennifer Hudson, 25, had already accomplished a major feat: losing 60 pounds!

“I used to wear size 22,” the now size-10 Season 3 finalist (who cut out fried foods and jogged to slim down) tells Us Weekly magazine.

Yet, for Dreamgirls, the Golden Globe nominee actually had regain 20 pounds, which she piled on with cakes, cookies and inactivity.

“It bothered me to not workout,” she tells Us.

As soon as filming wrapped in May, Hudson returned to her healthy habits – and her fighting weight.

Jennifer Hudson’s Diet

“It’s all about healthy living,” says Hudson, whose staples include green salads, fish, chicken and cranberry juice. Her stay-energized snacks: cashews, almonds and raisins.

Jennifer Hudson’s Workout

Chicago-based trainer La-Fonza Alston gave Hudson a plan she can do on the road: squats, pushups and abs (four sets of 25 each), plus running. “I never would have guessed I’d be up at 4 a.m. to run,” she says. “I love it!”

Take-away Tip

Lean on family. Hudson tells Us her mom encouraged and supported her weight loss. “She is just pure love,” says the singer. [source: Us Weekly]

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