Los Angeles Farmers Markets

  • Mon West Hollywood (PlummerPark)9AM–2PM 1200 N Vista St at Fountain Ave (323) 845-0171
  • Tue Culver City 2PM-7PM Main St between Venice and CulverBlvds(310) 739-5028
  • Wed Hollywood (Sears) 12PM-5:30PM 5601 Santa Monica Blvd (323) 463-3171
  • Wed La Cienega (Kaiser) 9AM- 1:30PM 6041 Cadillac Ave (562) 495-1764
  • Wed Los Angeles (St. AgnesChurch)2PM-6PM West Adams Blvd at Vermont Ave (323) 777-1755
  • Wed Northridge (Fashion Center)April-Oct5PM-9PM Tampa Ave south of Plummer St (805) 643-6458
  • Wed Santa Monica 8:30AM-1:30PM 2nd St and Arizona Ave (310) 458-8712
  • Thu Century City 11:30AM-3PM Constellation Blvd and Avenue ofthe Stars(818) 591-8161
  • Thu Glendale 9:30AM-1:30PM 100 block of N Brand (818) 548-2005
  • Thu La Cienega Plaza 3PM-7PM 1801 S La Cienega Blvd (562) 495-1764
  • Thu Los Angeles Chinatown 2PM-6PM 727 N Hill St (213) 680-0243
  • Thu Westwood 12PM-6PM Sepulveda Blvd at Constitution Ave (310) 861-8188
  • Fri Echo Park 3PM–7PM Logan St south of Sunset Blvd (323) 463-3171
  • Fri Venice 7AM-11AM Venice Way and Venice Blvd (310) 399-6690
  • Sat Burbank 8AM-12:30PM 291 E Orange Grove Blvd (818) 847-4774
  • Sat Calabasas Old Town 8 AM-1PM 23504 Calabasas Rd
  • Sat Leimert 10 AM-3PM Degnan Blvd and 43rd St (323) 463-3171
  • Sat Santa Monica Pico 8AM-1PM (310) 458-8712
  • Sat Santa Monica (organic) 8:30AM-1PM 3rd St at Arizona Ave (310) 458-8712
  • Sat Silver Lake 8AM-1PM 3700 Sunset Blvd (323) 661-7771
  • Sat Torrance Wilson Park 8AM-1PM 2200 Crenshaw Blvd (310) 328-2809
  • Sat Westchester Promenade at  Howard Hughes Center8:30AM-1PM 6081 Center Dr (310) 582- 5850
  • Sun Atwater 10AM-2PM 3250 Glendale Blvd (323) 463-3171
  • Sun Beverly Hills 9AM-1PM 9300 block of Civic Center Drive (310) 285-6830
  • Sun Brentwood 9AM-2:30PM 741 Gretna Green Way (818) 591-8161
  • Sun Encino 8AM-1PM 17400 Victory Blvd  (818) 708-6611
  • Sun Hollywood 8AM-1PM Ivar Ave between Sunset and Hollywood Blvds(323) 463-3171
  • Sun Los Angeles LarchmontVillage10AM-2PM 209 Larchmont Blvd, between 1st Stand Beverly Blvd(818) 591-8161
  • Sun Los Angeles Melrose Place 10AM-2PM Melrose Place and Melrose Ave (818) 591-8161
  • Sun Mar Vista 9AM-2PM Venice Blvd and Grand View Blvd (310) 861-4444
  • Sun Montrose Harvest Market 9AM-2PM 2200 block of Honolulu Ave (818) 249-2499
  • Sun Pacific Palisades 8AM-1PM 1037 Swarthmore Ave (818) 591-8161
  • Sun Santa Clarita 8:30AM-12PM College of the CanyonsValencia and Rockwell Canyon(805) 529-6266
  • Sun Santa Monica 9:30AM-1PM 2640 Main St at Ocean Park Blvd (310) 458-8712
  • Sun Studio City Ventura Place 8AM-1PM between Ventura and Laurel Canyon Blvds(818) 655-7744
  • Sun West Los Angeles 9AM-2PM 11360 Santa Monica Blvd behind thepublic library(310) 281-7855
  • Sun Westwood Village 10AM-3PM Broxton Ave between Weyburn and Kinross aves (310) 739-5028

Day 77 in my garden

Here are pictures that I took to show you how far my garden has come. I have expanded my garden and have moved all of my potted plants into the ground. I have been composting that has saved me money on organic soil.
Starting a compost pile is easy dig a a whole in the yard and starting leaving all of your fruit and vegetable scraps in the whole until almost full then cover with dirt in a month or so you can start planting in that area. I can eat tomatoes from my garden but it’s mainly the sun gold tomatoes but they taste amazing.

Day 60 in my garden

I am still going strong in my garden. It has become harder to work in my garden because it is now very hot and I am working an insane amount of hours. With the heat I have switched to watering late at night and it has helped my plants they seem to be growing better. A few more weeks and I will be able to eat the fruits of my labor.

Raw food diet

The Raw food diet is a diet is a diet I have a lot of experience with.  In 2009 when I lost 30 lbs in 4 months it was from incorporating raw food into half of my diet. Being on a raw food diet gave me more energy and with exercise it helped me reach my ideal weight.

If you are wondering what is a raw food diet? A raw food diet consists of raw foods and foods cooked up to 110 degrees.  The Raw food community believes by not eating foods cooked over 115 degrees that these food retain more nutritional value and keep many of the cancer fighting enzymes that can be lost through cooking.

What can i eat? There is a misconception when you say raw food people think eating salads everyday or bland terrible tasting food. But raw food has evolved into so much more. Some people eat raw meats sashimi, ceviche, carpaccio raw milk and a variety of cooked foods.

Getting Started on a raw food diet there are a few things I find to be essential. You will need:

1. A decent blender I am in love with the vita prep mixers that I use in professional kitchens but realistically 200 hundred dollars for a blender can be high. At home I use a cuisinart blender that you could buy at target it will get the job done.

2.  A juicer  – juicing your vegetables is an easy way to get in the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Plus using the vegetable juice when making flaxseed  crackers gives them so much more flavor than water would.

3. A dehydrator- I was trying decide if this was a necessity or luxury but for you to be creative and make the best tasting raw food meals possible I consider it a must have. Plus you can make beef jerky  is also clasified as raw food.

4. Last but not least a mandolin or food processor the mandolin is cheaper but more work. But either one will cut down your time in the kitchen.

5. A thermometer so you can make sure the temperature stays under 115 degrees

6. You will need large containers or trays to soak and sprout you seeds and grains.

7. Mason jars for storage of your sprouted seeds.

When doing a raw food diet i suggest using organic fruits and vegetables to avoid the pesticides and chemicals.

I would recommend buying a raw food recipe book at least one to get you started. My favorite recipe book is  Raw food/ Real world by Mathew Kenney

it is easy to follow and execute recipes successfully.





Day 46 in my garden

Here are the pictures of my garden for week 6. I did not dig any new holes this week because I had neither the time or the energy. I did move my plants that had grown quite a bit into larger pots so they would continue to have room to grow. My squash plants seem to be taking a beating from the sun. All of my other plants are doing well. I want to plant some rainbow chard, different types of carrots but I have to order the seeds online.

Day35 in my garden

This is the end of week 5 in my garden. I thought I would post the before and after pics so everyone could see my progress. I still have a lot of  plants in planters. I was able to bring back two of the basil plants I almost killed but my Thai basil plant is done i don’t think it will make it back. If you are growing basil i would suggest growing it in the ground. The basil plants  I have in the ground are doing well . This is a trial and error learn as i go process I have been reading books on gardening in a few months I think i will have it down. The garden is fully organic no pesticides just good old fashion hard work.  I love getting up in the morning and going into my garden over the past five weeks I have become very comfortable with the wild life in my garden the lady bugs, and butterfly’s and even the bee’s its  a peaceful and beautiful experience.

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Day 31 in my garden

I have 16 tomato plants 12 different types. Can’t wait till they start being ripe. I can have all the homemade pasta sauce, barbecue sauce, Pizza Sauce.  Salsa so excited. Hanging down are my bell pepper plants.  My garden is coming together every week it looks better.

Day 30 in my garden

Planted some of my tomatoes today not finished but here are the pictures. I will finish tomorrow so much work.

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