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Ask anybody – from your doctor to your green grocer – and they will recite the ‘rules’ of burning fat:
you need to perform endurance exercise for at least 20mins maintaining your heart rate in the ‘fat burning zone’ yada yada yada. They will also throw in the word ‘fit’ with the implication that it means the same thing as ‘lean’. But it doesn’t.

‘Fit’ is about being able to function ‘normally’ for a human. Its not about being lean.

‘Fat burning’ is about a technical, biochemical process whereby fatty acids provide temporary energy needs to your cells. We all burn fat; regularly. Even fat people do. That you are burning fat from time to time does not mean you will wind up with lower bodyfat over time.

‘Body composition’ is concerned with the quantities of tissues that a body is made up of. Specifically, it is concerned with the quantities of fat mass and lean mass (muscle). Body Composition is your concern when you talk about wanting less fat, more muscle or both.

‘Lean’ (ie low in bodyfat) is a synonym for ‘muscular’. Both refer to having a body composition low in bodyfat. Having low bodyfat means having a high lean-mass (muscle) percentage. Even if you don’t like the idea of being ‘muscly’, low bodyfat is still a step in that direction and is what you must train for.

So in order to achieve low bodyfat, you must train for muscularity. A muscles mass relates to its maximal force output; ie strength! So to have low bodyfat requires the greatest strength possible for your bodyweight. And yet it is guaranteed that you will not achieve this through endurance (“fat burning”) exercise.

For low bodyfat, the trick is to get as strong as possible while following a meticulously measured diet to avoid gaining body weight. A ‘healthy’ but random eating plan will not do. And a starvation or low calorie diet will prevent you ever getting strong. You need food; but you need consistent quantities of the right foods.(Im reading the Paleo Diet right now)

Such a delicate balance between food and exercise requires maximally efficient exercise; not maximal quantities of exercise. You don’t want to ‘burn calories’; you want to train your body to be strong. With limited resources you need your training to direct your calories toward muscle thereby directing them away from fat.

Efficient strength exercise means low volumes of extremely heavy weight training – using the hardest, heaviest exercises such as squats and deadlifts – and pushing every set to true muscular ‘failure’ (as opposed to emotional failure). Both food and training complement one another to achieve a single measured outcome: your body composition goal.

So is endurance fitness even related to body composition? Do finite periods of ‘burning fat’ actually have any bearing on how lean a person is? The answer is NO!

In most instances endurance exercise will have a negative NET effect on body composition because you just don’t need a strong, muscular body to do low effort, high duration movement. Not only is it unnecessary; its unwise!

To sum it up I don’t do long 5 mile runs!

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Laila Ali’s Pregnancy Workout

Famous boxer Laila Ali is pregnant with her second child, but she has no plans to gain excessive weight.

I know it is healthy to gain 25-40 pounds — but that does not mean I have to like it. I’m a big girl already. I’m not one of these skinny chicks. At my best, I weigh about 174 lbs, so adding another 35 puts me past 200lbs. That’s no fun for any woman,” she says.

Though, only four months pregnant, Laila is curbing her weight gain by exercising her way through the pregnancy, working out 4-5 times per week, including 50 minutes of cardio.  She plans to do 25 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer to reach her cardio goals.

Ms. Ali also sculpts her legs by doing leg exercises 2-3 times per week.  The leg workout consists of a somewhat long list of exercises, followed by 3 sets on her Butt Blaster machine.

Laila’s pregnancy workout:

  • 25 min. on the treadmill
    25 min on elliptical trainer
    3 sets of 25 squats
    6 sets of leg extensions
    6 sets of hamstring extensions
    3 sets of both the inner and outer thigh
    3 sets of calve raises
    3 sets on Butt Blaster

Laila might want to stick to that workout as long as she can since her appetite has drastically increased.  She’s developed a massive sweet tooth, eating things like peach cobbler and strawberry shortcake topped with vanilla ice cream.


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Anthony Anderson’s Weight Loss

Although he was diagnosed with type 2 eight years ago, Anthony Anderson only made the decision to switch to a healthier life a year ago. Thanks to his better eating choices and a lifestyle that includes exercise, he has managed to lose 40 pounds.

The  former Law and Order actor has now made a habit out of eating healthy food and exercising on a regular basis. Last year he decided to start taking more care of his body, after he realized that his condition might be getting worse if he doesn’t make an immediate lifestyle change.

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about eight years ago, but it wasn’t until early 2009 that I experienced a wake-up call and really made lifestyle changes, like losing over 40 pounds to actively manage my diabetes,” he confessed.

His family also embarked on a healthier diet and they are all careful about what they eat. Anderson’s diet now includes brown rice, baked chicken and collard greens cooked with turkey.

The actor even shared some diet tips on how to live a healthier life, while still enjoying meals.

Anthony Anderson’s Healthy Diet Tips

  • Skim the fat from meat juices before making gravy or sauces.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar you add to your sweet potatoes and squash.
  • Help your guests eat healthier and manage their portion sizes. Try reducing the number of food choices offered. You don’t have to have such a big selection of food!
  • Use smaller plates.
  • Cut desserts into smaller pieces.
  • After that Thanksgiving meal, think about taking a long walk. It may be the perfect post-dessert activity!


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Fitness to Do list


Implement the following suggestions immediately for better muscle gains and better long-term health.

1. Drink a gallon of water throughout the day.
2. Increase fiber consumption.
3. Increase vegetable and fruit consumption to eight or more servings daily.
4. Make a doctor’s appointment for a full physical with blood work.
5. Supplement’s for recovery. (See “Supplement Regimen” below for specific guidelines.)
6. Plan workout and recovery strategies.
7. Get a good night’s sleep (at least eight hours).

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"Fitness,Beautiful Body, and Sex Life: A Male Perspective"


So you say exercise helps with skin, hair, nails and body? How about you look better and as a male I’m more sexually more attracted to you? How about this “new you” has revved up your self confidence and it makes you more appealing? A person’s physical appearance can be beneficial on an emotional level.

“If health and fitness aren’t enough to get you to exercise, how about improving your sex life? Sure, exercise can help you look good and maybe that will help you get more sex, but I’m talking about increasing your drive, ability and making sex more fun. You already know why exercise is so important for your health, but you may not know the sexual benefits. So, exercise can make your sex life more enjoyable. “

I’m thinking about my ex who use to run track and boy we use to…oh…back to the article…like I was sayin’

Rules for good sex:

#1 I know from experience no girl likes it for hours upon hours, but a one minute man is worst. For enthusiastic sex, you’ll need some type of cardio. It won’t be any fun if you half ass it and fall short!

(Get that cardio in 2-3 times a week your partner will thank you later and will notice the difference in no time.)

#2 Working out has enabled me to pick up the wifey and do what ever I please, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. I can do pushups over/on my lady, support her weight and …okay okay enough already you get the point. We might as well cover muscular strength, which is something else you’ll need. Your muscles will be contracting like crazy no matter what position you’re in, so it pays to be in shape.

(Incorporate weights as part of your regimen 2-3 times a week. Every woman likes to hold on to some arms and broad shoulders, they feel protected.)

#3 We all like variety tired of the same ol positions? Work on your flexibility. Flexibility can enhance anyone’s sex life by making it a bit easier to get into your favorite position without fussing about it.

(While cooling down after your workout, don’t forget to stretch. Not only will you be testing your Karma sutra skills but when your flexible you can afford to be a lil rougher in bed)

Keep in mind that exercise minimizes stress & sleepless nights and maximizes drive & desire.

There are several rational reasons why a physically fit person is more likely to fully enjoy sex compared to a non-fit person. For instance, improved muscle tone can increase sexual gratification since orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity. Better yet these discoveries are even better when both parties are improving their fitness.

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